Lolanda B Z

Female Grey 21 years old

General comments

LOLANDA B Z is not only a beautiful and very gentle grey mare, but also an excellent mother, who looks after her babies very well. She has proved the great quality of her bloodline, through her offspring.

She is the ¾ sister of Lux Z. In fact, the great grand-dam of Lolanda, RUBY Z, is a uterine sister of Lux Z, by Rebel II Z. Good breeding never lies.

After a splendid career at the highest level, where he participated in the biggest sporting competitions (European Championships in 1999 and 2001, the final of the World Cup, and the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, and JEM in 2002), LUX Z has become a great progenitor and his youngstock have taken up the baton on the world’s best courses.

 Also worth noting is the full sister of Lolanda, Lolypa BZ, who also has a son – Canturino, who has competed in 1m50 classes.



Lolanda B Z has to date produced four foals, of which only two are of an age to compete.

The first, Bolanda (2006), by Berlin, has now been dedicated to breeding after performing well in CSI 3*. Her career as a broodmare has already begun well, as she is the mother of the formidable CHICA B Z, who in 2019 entered the top ten Z horses rated by performance. She’s ridden by Martin Fuchs and has had many placings in 5* CSI and at the Global Champions Tour.

The second, Stolanda Z (2015), by Stormy de Sivry (Quite capitol/Trésor de choux) was 6 in 2021. She has only completed thirteen courses in her two seasons of competition.

The third, Bolando Z (2019), by Balou du Rouet, was sold at the Z Quality Auction at Lanaken during the Young Horse World Championships in 2019. A superb foal.

The last is Corlando Z, born in 2020, who is by the crack horse Cornet Obolensky. A beautiful big foal, who will be a grey, like his two parents.





Père : Lord Calando Holsteiner

LORD CALANDO, a son of LORD, and a grandson of LADYKILLER, is best known for being the sire of the famous LUX Z, but is also a uterine brother of the champion Carthago Z.

His sire, Lord, has produced a number of winners. Dead at the age of 26, his influence on the world of equestrian sport has been enormous. During his career as a stallion, he produced innumerable international winners, including Lordon, Lord Z, Lugana, First Lady, L’Eperon, and Livius II, winner of the Hamburg Derby and a medal winner in the European Championships, the World Championships, and in the Los Angeles Olympic Games ridden by P. Luther.

Lord Calando can count more than twenty of his offspring competing in CSI, among which are Rubynea (E. Couperie), Fabienne (P. Raymakers), Loradus (J.Smit), and Lucky (K.Offel)...


Première mère : Calypa B

As well as the two sisters Lolanda B Z and Lolypa B Z, CALYPA B Z, by Calvin Z, has produced the stallion Jabadabadoe BZ.

Deuxième mère : Cuby Z

CUBY Z is the mother of the excellent mare, Ruby B Z, who has competed over 1m45. She has also produced Carruby B Z, Cuberruby B Z... and thanks to her daughters, Cuby is the 2nd or 3rd mother of many other talented performance horses, including the amazing BERRUBY (a mare competing over 1m50) or GARRUBY P, who has competed over 1m55. A solid maternal bloodline, chock full of performance horses.


Troisième mère : Ruby Z

RUBY Z is none other than the daughter of Apocalypte Z (Apocalyte Z), which makes her the uterine sister of the crack horse LUX Z,.

As well as LUX Z, Apocalypte Z has twelve products including:

Lystria Z (Leuthen I holst), dam of the stallion Land Lux Z

Ruby (Rebel II Z hann), mother of Sieglinde, a good 1m35 competition winner

Mahon Point (Gotspe hann), winner in CSIO and CSI5*

Coro Villagana Z (Caretano holst), a CSI winner over 1m40

 It’s worth noting that her 4th dam is Sanntona, who produced the stallion Acapulco Gold. Sanntona is a daughter of another internationally famous stallion: Caletto I, team bronze medal winner in the European Championships at Hickstead in 1983 where he was ridden by M. Rüping. He was the sire of Calvaro Z and Cantus, amongst others.

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