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Male Skewbald 6 years old 1m73


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General comments

The superb Helios Morinda, an immense well marked colt foal, was born on the 26th of April 2017, in fine form. We have just carried out genetic tests on him and he has been revealed to be HOMOZYGOUS for the Tobiano (coloured) gene and also the Black gene (the test is published on this page), Seeing that as well he only possesses a single example of the Agouti gene, he will be able, unlike his father Ulyss Morinda, his grandfather Visage Van de Olmenhoeve and Flamboyant V Morinda (to give examples of Selle Français coloured stallions) to produce black and white coloured foals (Black Pies or Piebalds) and and not just brown and white foals (Bay Pies or Skewbalds). He will not produce chestnut and white foals (Chestnut Pies). On top of this we have also verified that Helios Morinda does not carry any genetic diseases, style PSSSM1. Helios is the Greek personification of the sun and of light. In Homeric poetry about Helios he is represented as the son of Hyperion and the titaness Euryphaessa. This is a wink to his father Ulyss, through Homer and Greek mythology. He was also the god who was the guarantor of oaths and of the gift of sight. It was he who returned sight to the giant Orion. There’s often confusion between Apollo and Helios, the sun god, all the more so as they sometimes are given the same surname – Phoebus – “the brilliant”. A very good name for an exceptional colt.

At three years old, Hélios, still very sweet natured, continues to grow. He is going to be a real giant, with more than his fair share of bulk, but nontheless plenty of energy. He has a “gentle strength”. Needless to say that in view of his size we will be asking nothing of him. He will need plenty of time to develop.

During his third year, he was nevertheless backed and taken over a few fences (take a look at the following links). But we quickly returned him to his life in the nursery so he could continue to grow. https://youtu.be/dCeoKSASAKU and   https://youtu.be/NIii_bEUYUg

Père : Ulyss Morinda SF

His father Ulyss Morinda, 5 *at the CIRALE, comes from base bloodline that was marked 8 out of 10 by the Selle Français studbook. The line goes back to the Grand Prix mare Utricule (by Monceaux,TB) and then to her daughter Piperazine Laleu, mother of several excellent horses. Ulyss is a carrier of 5 Thoroughbred blood lines, one of which is the famous Laudanum but there’s also Ladykiller, Furioso, Pericles and Monceaux. As a maternal grandfather he also has JALISCO B whom he very much resembles. You can go to his page to see the details of his wonderful bloodline and photos and videos of his performances.

Ulyss Morinda, Hunter Champion of France as a six year old came back to his true discipline, the CSO in 2015 as a seven year old. Ridden from now on by Rik Hemeryck (a Belgian), he won the Young Stallions SF Masters for seven year olds (classed as ‘Very Promising’ by the ANSF) and at nine years old, he was already a winner and had been placed in numerous outings in 1.50m classes (CSI 3*). He took part in his first CSI 5* in Rotterdam in June 2017 and his first 1.55m at the end of the year. He is ISO 150 (2017).

In 2018, Ulyss confirmed his quality, at the start of the year being placed in the 3* 1m50 Grand Prix at Bonheiden only half a second behind Daniel Deusser, being placed 7th in the 1m50 Bourg en Bresse Show Jumping (4*) and soaring over the 1m55 course at Maubeuge with an unbelievable casual air. Still ridden by Rik Hemeryck, he was then placed in the 1m60 Grand Prix, and successfully participated in his first Nations’ Cup  (Gijon CSIO 5*) and obtained an ISO 160 in 2018.

In 2019 he continued to make progress : he was placed many times over 1m50 and 1m55, and won the 1m60 Grand Prix in the UK in front of Laura Kraut (see the News section). He also took part in his first 5* Rolex Grand Prix, and proved that he clearly has the capability to jump these courses. He obtained an ISO 163 for 2019, and in 2020, at only 12 years of age, has exceeded 100,000 Euros in winnings.

Première mère : Audace Kalone SF

His mother, Audace Kalone, also Selle Francais, was put directly into reproduction thanks to her excellent genetics and her superb conformation. She is a daughter of Visage Van de Olmenhoeve, one of the only two coloured stallions to have competed in classes up to 1.60m and in CSIO and CCE.

Deuxième mère : Idée Du Bourg SFA

Idée du Bourg, a daughter of Socrate de Chivre, was a brilliant winner as a four year old with 14/14 clear rounds, one of eight equal Champions and classed as Elite. Two of her uterine brothers competed internationally: Dandy du Bourg (CSIO) ridden by Luis Astolfi (Jeux de Jerez) and Cascadeur du Bourg (CSI).

Idée du Bourg would have probably had an international career, as brilliant as those of her brothers, if an injury hadn’t obliged her to become a broodmare.

Amongst the products who have reached the age of competition, Op’La de la Roque was 5th in the 4-year-old Hunter class, and 11th as a 5-year-old; Queenie de la Roque was placed in CSI classes for young horses, ridden by Alain Bourdon, and was a finalist as a 6-year-old (ISO 135) and continued in CSI as an 8-year-old.; Rapido de la Roque was a finalist in the classic Belgian cycle for 5-year-olds; and Virtuose Kalone brilliantly represented her family in eventing (ICC 127). Lastly, Besame d’As Morinda was exported to the USA.


Troisième mère : Rebecca Du Bourg SFA

Rebecca du Bourg, daughter of the thoroughbred King’s Road, has produced very well in the field of show jumping. I could cite Dandy du Bourg (CSIO) ridden by Luis Astolfi (Jeux de Jerez) and Cascadeur du Bourg (CSI), the long awaited Idée du Bourg (see below), and also Kanter du Bourg.

She’s the uterine sister of the excellent Odéon du Bourg (ISO154).

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Hélios, 4 years old, October 2021

Hélios Morinda - <b>Hélios, 6 years old, April 2023</b>

Hélios, 6 years old, April 2023

Hélios Morinda - <b>Hélios, 3 years old, April 2020</b>

Hélios, 3 years old, April 2020

Hélios Morinda - <b>Hélios, 2 years old, August 2019</b>

Hélios, 2 years old, August 2019

Hélios Morinda - Hélios almost 8 months old, December 2017

Hélios almost 8 months old, December 2017

Hélios Morinda - Hélios August 14 and 16, 2017

Hélios August 14 and 16, 2017

Hélios Morinda - Hélios 3 months and a half, August 7 2017

Hélios 3 months and a half, August 7 2017

Hélios Morinda - Helios 14 days on May 10, 2017

Helios 14 days on May 10, 2017

Hélios Morinda - His birth on the 26th of April 2017 and his first days

His birth on the 26th of April 2017 and his first days