Calgary H Morinda Z (alias Houston Tx Morinda) Z

Female Chestnut 7 years old 1m70

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General comments

On the 2nd of Arpil 2017 our magnificent Vision Morinda presented us with her new filly, eleven days early, a true oil painting with an arabian head. Houston TX Morinda (renamed CALGARY H MORINDA Z) is a daughter of the much missed Cambiaso Massuere, who died aged only 4 when he seemed ready for an extraordinary future.

Houston, a ravishing filly, with great lines and who seems to have much spirit has without doubt been named after her famous grandfather. We searched for the name of a dynamic town, beginning with H and Houston particularly pleased us as it is the 4th city in the US by area, and also is home to NASA – Space City! Everyone inows the famous reply from Jack Swigert (Apollo 13) “Houston, we’ve had a problem” which is often misquoted as “Houston we have a problem”…. We wish that Houston, this splendid filly, will also fly as far as the astronauts of Apollo 13 and show as much courage as they did. In any case, for the moment, her mother Vision never lets her out of her sight, being visibly mad with love for her daughter.

We wish this splendid filly, Houston, to fly as far as the Apollo 13 astronauts, and to show as much courage as they did. In any case, her dam, Vision Morinda, never took her eyes off her, clearly mad about her daughter!

On being entered into the Zangersheide studbook, Houston was accepted with pleasure, but she had to be renamed with the initial of her sire, a C. Staying with city names, we therefore chose CALGARY, that temple to show jumping, and the following H reminds us of Houston.

At the start of 2019, Calgary became a very pretty two year old, about whom one could go further and say impressive. She will be very big, classy and has superb action. She could pursue a career in CSO, CCE or even in Dressage!

In 2020, Calgary, as a three year old, fulfilled her promise. She had fun jumping small fences all on her own in the school : a way of keeping her attention until she was ready to start training. In any case, she is very intelligent, unafraid of anything, and we are counting on her to bring honour and glory to the Morinda stud and her parents. Houston has the genetics, the physique and the energy to become a crack horse. We are hoping she will go far.

She was broken in at the end of 2020 and has proved obliging and easy to handle. She is naturally "forward", very intelligent and always ready to cooperate.

After being well advanced in her work, we decided that Calgary could give us a foal before starting her sporting career. She was therefore covered by the phenomenal Aganix du Seigneur, and, on the 24th of April 2022, gave us the very elegant Arlington Morinda Z. What great genetics!

At the end of 2022, having finished bringing up Arlington, Calgary gradually resumed work in Belgium. She probably won’t be competing in 2023, unless it’s at the very end of the year since she needs time to adjust to her new life.



In 2O22, Arlington Morinda Z, a chesnut colt with Aganix du Seigneur

Père : Cambiaso Massuere SFA

Cambiaso Massuere was the only son of the superstar stallion LONDON (Carembar de Muze) to be approved in a major European stud book (Zangersheide, in March 2015).

London was World Champion, and, ridden by Gerco Shröder, was in the team that finished as runners up. Not forgetting his individual silver medal in the 2012 London Olympic Games. His Grand Prix and Nations’ Cup victories are uncountable, for example in the Aachen Nations’ Cup in 2013.

London is the son of the founding father, Nabab de Rêve, and the extraordinary Ta Belle de Sombeke, the World Cup mare ridden by Jos Lansink.

The mother of Cambiaso Massuere, Qosa Nostra, is a daughter of Arc de Triomphe and Estrella Del Dia, by GALOUBET. Estrella De Dia produced the stallion, NERVOSO.

Première mère : Re Vision Morinda Z Z

Her mother Vision Morinda gives up nothing, to the genetic side of Cambiaso Massuere.. Her bloodline takes her back to the grand champion Flambeau C and to his celebrated sister CAMERA.

You can see her detailed file in “Coloured Broodmares” on this site, click on this link :                                                                      

Deuxième mère : Scarlett Fontanel SFA

Scarlett Fontanel represents the famous cross between Diamant de Semilly  and Laudanum, which produced, amongst others, Lavillon (who won, amongst other titles, the team World Championship in 2002). Prematurely dead, she had three other offspring who turned out well : the stallion Vidocq Morinda in Belgium, Graf Diamant Z (ISO 140) and Agramant Fontanel.

Her daughters Colomba du Lys as well as Vision Morinda continue her bloodline.

Troisième mère : Fantine Du Defey SF

Fantine du Defey , classified “Elite CSO” by the French Haras Nationaux, is the grand-daughter of the celebrated Inula, the Grand Prix mare of Jacques Bonnet and uterine sister of the supreme champion FLAMBEAU C, as are other international horses (Roi du Manoir, Jupiter AK and the famous CAMERA, by Rantzau who sired, amongst others, the stallion Muguet du Manoir).


As a granddaughter of crack LONDON, Houston TX Morinda combines in her pedigree the blood of Diamant de Semilly, Laudanum, Uriel but also Nabab de Reve, Landor S and Galoubet… An absolutely exceptional pedigree with a blood line that takes her back to Flambeau C and Camera !

Her uterine brother, Cantor Morinda Z, eldest son of Vision Morinda, has been sold for 65,000 Euros at the Fences Elite Sales in August 2017. He is off for the USA.

Calgary H Morinda, along with her mother Re Vision Morinda Z and of course our stallion Ulyss Morinda (ISO 163), represents the best genetics of all the foals we’ve bred. 

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Calgary December 2020, 3 years ol

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