Cantor Morinda Z

Male Skewbald 10 years old 1m72


General comments

Cantor Morinda Z, born on the 12th of April 2014, has absolutely exceptional origins. Our superb mare Vision presented us with a foal of importance and solidity, brimming with energy and with both size and good bone. One would not call him a “first foal”. Straight away we thought that this magnificent male, who has also inherited the coloured coat of his mother, would be being talked about before long! Cantor grew without any problems and with a very attentive mother who never let him out of her sight. Following this, he was sold in Belgium but….his destiny was to go much further. In fact, now a three year old, Cantor Morinda Z was chosen to be presented by Fences, during their Elite Sales. He went first at the beginning of the first evening (on the 29th of August 2017). The bidding took off immediately…I should point out that Cantor has inherited the strength of Diamant de Semilly and also the movement on the poles of his sire Canturo ! If one adds to that the wonderful suppleness and courage of our youngster…. Cantor made a great show and attained the satisfying sum of 65,000 euros, bought by american clients who, it seems, wanted him a very great deal! Worth noting is the fact that the second bidder was also an american! Have a good voyage, Cantor! We are expecting to see you one day in CSI, perhaps even in Europe.

Père : Canturo Holsteiner

The fantastic CANTURO, winner of the European Grand Prix at Aix la Chapelle and of Spruce Meadows (Calgary), holder of dozens of international placings and a member of the Olympic Team in Athens, is one of the best of current stallions. He can number 58 of his progeny competing in CSI and there will certainly be plenty more in the years to come.

Première mère : Vision Morinda Z

Vision Morinda gives up nothing, to the genetic side of Canturo. Her bloodline takes her back to the grand champion Flambeau C and to his celebrated sister CAMERA.

You can see her detailed file in “Coloured Broodmares” on this site, click on this link :                                                                      

Deuxième mère : Scarlett Fontanel SFA

Scarlett Fontanel represents the famous cross between Diamant de Semilly  and Laudanum, which produced, amongst others, Lavillon (who won, amongst other titles, the team World Championship in 2002). Prematurely dead, she had three other offspring who turned out well : the stallion Vidocq Morinda in Belgium, Graf Diamant Z (ISO 140) and Agramant Fontanel.

Her daughters Colomba du Lys as well as Vision Morinda continue her bloodline.

Troisième mère : Fantine Du Defey SF

Fantine du Defey , classified “Elite CSO” by the French Haras Nationaux, is the grand-daughter of the celebrated Inula, the Grand Prix mare of Jacques Bonnet and uterine sister of the supreme champion FLAMBEAU C, as are other international horses (Roi du Manoir, Jupiter AK and the famous CAMERA, by Rantzau who sired, amongst others, the stallion Muguet du Manoir).


We can truly say that Cantor Morinda Z was born in the purple. As well as his sire, CANTURO, and his mother, VISION, whose maternal pedigree is outlined below, his maternal grandfather, RINGO, adds the bloodline of Pericles to his magnificent pedigree, and therefore of Ulft.

Pericles XX (the father of Samber and Wanda) is one of the two XX stallions (with Lucky Boy XX) who have produced the best KWPN progeny.

The production of his grandson ULFT is phenomenal, and one can find this stallion’s name in a large number of pedigrees of horses competing at top levels. For example, the famous HICKSTEAD, the world number one dressage horse of his generation, and the famous ‘Olympic Ferro’, whose sire was Ulft…..

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Cantor Morinda - Cantor 2015 and 2016

Cantor 2015 and 2016

Cantor Morinda - Cantor foal, 2014

Cantor foal, 2014