The foals are taking their bows, and they’re all magnificent!  -

The foals are taking their bows, and they’re all magnificent!

Without a doubt Ulyss Morinda produces TOP youngsters

In 2018 we had a first filly for Ulyss Morinda, who arrived on the 22nd of April 2018 out of the beautiful Nantua (Emir Platiere)!  This very first coloured filly has been named Ithaque Morinda. She’s very pretty and her direct line is that of LUCCIANNO and a number of impressive winners.  We are over the moon with this exceptional crossbreeding.

On the 24th of April it was the turn of Reinette de Clermont who also gave us a lovely coloured filly, by Ulyss.  She’s called Ipalynna Morinda and has already found herself a new home with Anna-Maria. 

Ulyss continued his run of passing on his coloration by giving us yet another coloured filly, this time out of Nita Rouge (Papillon Rouge), born just the following day on the 25th of April!  This filly with her blue eye and beautiful spotting, immediately caught the heart of Aurore who has named her Isis Morinda.

The next day, the 26th of April, it was Mont Doloise (by Bayard d’Elle) who at last decided to show us what she and Ulyss had produced.  This was the first colt and the first whole coated offspring.  This handsome chestnut colt who has shown us his splendid paces (passed on by Ulyss as Mont Doloise does not possess them) has been named Imperium Morinda.  Like all of Ulyss’ progeny he has a superbly gentle nature.

On the 3rd of May Epopee H Morinda decided that it was her turn and produced a superb coloured colt.  Welcome to Ios Morinda.

The 4th of May was a very great day!  First of all Athena NAF foaled by herself out in the paddock and gave us a real oil painting : a coloured filly made with a paintbrush, one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.  This top model, with her superb head, has been named Iris Morinda.

In the afternoon of the 4th of May, it was Vision Morinda who foaled a very handsome and enormous coloured colt, Imperator Morinda.  He is as close to humans as both his parents were as babies.  We have dreamed of this crossbreeding between our two best horses, Ulyss and Vision….It’s done!  We are going to have this colt tested to see if he is homozyous…there is the possibility (and for two of the fillies as well).

On the 17th of May Suzy Lux Cool at last decided to present us with a magnificent colt by Visage Van de Olmenhoeve.  He is immense, and in spite of his bulk, he is still very classy.  We have named him Ice Cream Morinda, to recall the name of his mother (Cool which can be translated as ‘calm’ but also as ‘fresh, freshness, to chill etc).

The next day, the 18th of May, Karola du Rouet followed and gave us a colt…a chestnut.  It seems Suzy and she have decided to take it in turns… in 2017 it was Suzy who gave us a whole coated colt and Karola a coloured one!  It doesn’t matter, he is also very handsome and original, with his long white socks.  Welcome to Instagram Morinda.

At last, on the 29th of May, Viki du Lurentin completed the series by giving birth to a handsome and big coloured colt from Ceasar with some very original markings.  This magnificent colt has been called Cipango Morinda Z.






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